Bringing Memories to life

“One second . One moment . One minute . A lifetime”

Hi! I’m the Pixajoy App!

And I’m here to turn you into a creator

1. Introduction

The Pixajoy App was designed to help you easily transform your digital photos into tangible photo products directly from your mobile phone! Be it a simple personalised 1-minute book, a set of custom prints or thoughtful premium gifts, the only real limit is simply your imagination.

2. Get to know Us!

Thank you for stopping by our mobile creative studio. It really means a lot to us. We're all like you after all. Just everyday people who want to make our loved ones happy by giving them something meaningful. That's where the personalised photo books, prints and gifts comes in; little things that can be filled with a lifetime of happiness.

But finding a fun and interactive photo book and prints creator on mobile was not easy. That's why we decided to make our own! Through the process, we have discovered many things and accomplished feats that we thought we were incapable of doing. We took our dreams, penned them down on paper and produced something incredible.

The results? A seamless, mobile creative studio that allows users to create beautiful photo mementos like photo books, prints and premium gifts with just a few taps of their fingers; made from premium quality materials and guaranteed to reach their doorsteps within 7 working days.

Creating personalised photo projects has never been easier.

3. Brand Values


We believe that the true value of photos can only be understood years after they were first taken. Which is why we made a simple tool to help users create premium quality and highly durable photo mementoes that will last a lifetime.


We don’t believe in rough finishes. We focus on all-round smooth services and aesthetically pleasing products.


Our mobile creative studio offers a fun, simple and interactive tool to help your creative mementoes making process. Simply upload your photos onto our cloud and watch as your memories come to life.


Our products, all the way from the design to the physical quality, are unique. No two products are exactly the same; just as no two customers are the same. We strive to add a unique value to each, individual experiences.